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7075-T7351 -FL 1.0000

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Size Heat Quantity Pounds Location Price  
1.0000 3.500 71.875 20251966 1 PC 25LB SOUTHINGTON CT $163.01 * PCs
1.0000 3.500 72.00 MA021005307 2 PC 49LB SOUTHINGTON CT $159.74 * PCs

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* Orders placed today usually ship within 1-2 business days.

* Handling charges of $18.00 per item will apply for orders less than $75.00.

* UPS Maximun Weights: For domestic shipments, the maximum weight per package is 150 pounds. Individual UPS charges will apply from each shipping location.

* Items over 150 pounds, that are "within" our normal delivery zones FOB delivered on a Yarde Truck.

* Yarde Trucks are unable to deliver to residential addresses.

* Items over 150 pounds, that are "not" in our normal delivery zones. FOB shipping point collect, Common Carrier.